Church History

Members of the Lord’s church worshiping in Riverside, California thought this community needed a regular meeting place. After meeting together to discuss and formulate plans, the seed was sewn and the church at Sunnymead soon became a reality.

In the spring of 1947, Brother Forrest Waldrop, minister of the 9th and Lime Street (now Magnolia Center) along with Elbridge Linn of Riverside; Alton Wimbish, Richard Lane, George Moore, Russell Ingalls, and Lee Lambert of Corona, accepted the assistance of brethren from other congregations to procure the current church site. Later that year, a building was purchased from Camp Han and moved to the location. Members of the congregation, assisted by brethren from other congregations, worked to make this into an acceptable meeting house for church. In November 1948, the group met for the first time as the Church of Christ in Sunnmead. Brother Richard Lane preached the first sermon in the newly renovated building. The church was formally incorporated on June 14, 1949. James Keisling was the first person baptized in the new building.

At the first Sunday morning service, 67 were present and for the afternoon dedication service a standing room only crowd of about one 135. Classrooms were added in 1950 with volunteer labor. Our present auditorium was contructed in 1954-55 with the first service in the new building being on April 17th, 1955. Later in 1972, the old building was replaced with our present classroom structure.

In 1997, the church name was changed to the Church of Christ Moreno Valley. In 2006, the Church of Christ Moreno Valley added its first Spanish speaking minister, Jose Navarro. The first all Spanish service was conducted in one of the large classrooms during the same time as the English service. As the Spanish speaking membership grew, the Church of Christ Moreno Valley leadership decided in 2009 to purchase a single family dwelling property adjacent to the church main building site. This site was renovated by volunteer labor to provide a sanctuary, three classrooms, a kitchen and ample parking for members. In December of 2009, a formal dedication of the site was held.